Hey everyone! So, sorry for being so late for posting up the new pattern this week. Yeah, Kitty and I were the ones to make the one this week, and we’re kinda new to this…LOL ^^”

Anyways, this week’s pattern is the stuffed sheep. That’s right, we stuffed Jessica; that’s why we are the new dictators of this club MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….jkjk. No, this pattern is for the celebration of Jessica being asked out to prom 😀 Congrats Jess~! This pattern is dedicated to the sheepyness of our president, because even though she was going to prom, she was still worried about this club. We decided to make this week’s pattern, to relieve her stress, and to show her our support and love for her 🙂

On another note, the pattern was translated from a diagram pattern from a Japanese magazine, so we don’t really have a source for you, but the pattern is NOT ours and is credited to that magazine. For anyone that’s interested, the magazine is called Lady Boutique Series № 2993 2010. If you can get your hands on it, I highly recommend it. It’s full of very cute patterns. The translation may be a little wonky in itself because this is my very crappy and inexperienced pattern writing. Kitty was the one that did the graphics. Thank you so much for that Kitty~!

Also in the pattern, there is a stitch that (in the pattern) I call the ddcr (double double crochet), sorry if I messed up the name; I’m not sure what it really is     >.< [EDIT: The stitch is called a dc cl (double crochet cluster).] So here’s a picture diagram of how to do it:

One more thing: the pattern is done in 2 colors. I forgot to include which color is for what part, so i’ll add it here in this post.

Head, ears, and legs – Body color (i.e., black, peach, etc.)

Body, head fluff, and tail – Wool color (i.e., white, etc.)

Thank you for reading and happy crocheting~!